Message from Leadership

Donors and Friends,

The 2016 Annual Report for the University of Alaska Foundation is a testament to your generosity and unwavering support. Each year, we take this opportunity to celebrate your support of the University of Alaska. This year we want to recognize a very special group, those loyal donors who have contributed steadily year, after year, after year. The contributions may be modest or large, to scholarships, student needs or teaching support. Regardless, they all share one trait: consistent support for Alaska’s University.

Those we honor here champion education through investment in campuses throughout the University of Alaska system. Some of them have been contributing for decades. We are deeply humbled and grateful for this level of support. This group has a focus on the changing landscape of Alaska’s educational needs with an eye toward the future. In their honor, this report is titled “The View Vast Beyond Us”.

In 2016 the University of Alaska received over 7,300 donations valued at $13.1 million. Because of these donations, all Alaskans benefit from a more robust university system. Students who might not be able to attend the University of Alaska otherwise can fulfill their dreams, and programs are enhanced though the generosity of our contributors. Please explore the full version of the 2016 Annual Report to Donors online at Many of the stories printed here are continued online. You will also find more inspiring stories from donors like you who have joined in supporting the University of Alaska. 

Thank you for helping make the University of Alaska an important part of “The View Vast Beyond Us.” We couldn’t do it without you.


Susan Behlke Foley, President

University of Alaska Foundation


Scott Jepsen, Chair

Board of Trustees

University of Alaska Foundation