UAS: Kathy Ruddy

Kathy Ruddy, passionate supporter of Alaska Native language and knowledge

Kolene James said she has great admiration for Ruddy. “Kathy is part of equity at UAS. She helps meet that unmet need.”

Kathy Ruddy has been a devoted donor since 2003 championing support for the Cyril George Alaska Native Knowledge Collection at the UAS library and establishing the W.G Ruddy Glacier Valley Rotary Scholarship Endowment.

“I’m inspired to contribute to the university to ensure that Tlingit language and culture continues to thrive in the community for future generations. I was inspired to give in recognition of Cyril George and Dick Dauenhauer. The legacy of those two individuals needs to walk into the future. I want to help ensure that the collections are available for many students to come.”

I get a lot of joy from it. Think about the future; how you would like to be remembered” says Ruddy.