UAS: Kolene James

Kolene James, UAS graduate and loyal donor

Coordinator of the UAS Native & Rural Student Center, Kolene James

“I’m an alum and I started as a Wooch.een club member at UAS. In my time as an undergrad we saw the benefits from the folks who donated to the Foundation. We were able to use the funds to host really culturally relevant events and I never forgot that because it made my time as an undergrad special. Once I graduated I knew it was my turn to contribute. My time here was just enriched by the donations of other alumni so I wanted to provide those programs to enrich our students’ experience. I invite you to check out the beautiful programs hosted on our campuses by coordinators like us throughout Alaska and give to what inspires you.”

Speaking of the regular contributions that James has been giving as a UAS employee through payroll deductions James says, “It doesn’t hurt – I barely miss it from my paycheck. I have two college students and a middle schooler and we still get to travel and enjoy life so I barely notice it.”